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Women! It's Your Time to Shine!

  • Are you a woman in her power years?
  • Do you want to turn money problems into opportunities?
  • Are you drowning in debt?
  • Are you always working and never getting ahead?
  • Are you afraid that you’ll never have that home, car, exotic vacation?
  • Are you afraid that you’ll work till you die with nothing to leave behind but bills?
  • Are you wanting to help a family member but struggling with your own financial insecurities?
  • Are you ready to reach your financial freedom?

Stop Struggling & Start Living!

Embrace Life After 50!

Life after 50 is supposed to be exciting and liberating! If that doesn't sound like you, consider taking this survey to discover the areas in your life that you need to focus on to create fulfillment.


Meet Deborah Roberson!

Hi, my name is Deborah Roberson and I am your Financial Empowerment Coach!

I work with women in the Power Years turn money problems into opportunities by Transforming financial insecurity to financial freedom so they can Stop Struggling with scarcity and Start Living in ABUNDANCE!

I am committed to ending the fear of not having and being enough that has women suffer from poverty and scarcity that force them to settle for unhealthy relationships-The highs of having and the lows of not having. I believe that women, the Pro-Creators of life also have the capacity to Create Wealth....READ MORE...

Coaching Services

As a coach, I support women, in their power years, in challenging the FEAR of doing what they love in the face of what they think they SHOULD be doing with their lives.

For years, we've waited for our time to come. We've hoped and dreamed to make a difference and be recognized before leaving this earth. We've cried over broken dreams and unfinished business.

No matter what your life story is...it's not OVER! You get to say what goes in the final chapter.

It's time for you to enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor!!...READ MORE...

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